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Strong Back-to-School Shopping Season Reflective in Partnerize Platform Data  

Sep 17, 2021

Director of Analytics and Insights

As we sit in the middle of September, most school-aged children across the country are back to in-person, albeit masked, instruction. And while there are still a few stragglers or parents who wanted to wait out the absolute best sales, for the most part, the major shopping surge that was 2021 back-to-school shopping season is one for the books.


For the Partnerize platform’s part, we certainly saw a bump in year over year (YoY) revenue growth in August with a 17% increase thanks in part to a 23% YoY increase in average order value (AOV) and a 2% uptick in conversion rate (CVR). Higher commission rates and spend rates also indicate more investment and certainty in the back-to-school shopping season when compared to 2020’s season that was punctuated with plenty of unknown variables and outcomes thanks to the pandemic.


Specifically, when it comes to back-to-school vertical winners, clothing and apparel, computers and electronics, and perhaps to some degree, art, photo and music all went to the head of the class. On the partner front, content’s gross YoY revenue growth was the highest it’s been since Q1, proving back-to-school is a solid time of the year for content partners and perhaps also a solid indicator for what’s straight ahead in the 2021 holiday shopping season.


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