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STREAM NOW: Why Marketers Need to Pivot to Partnerships to Survive

Feb 03, 2021

There is little argument over whether the dynamics of the marketing game have shifted. They have. In fact, they’ve shifted considerably over the past few years alone. Thanks to an ability to toggle between multiple devices and a sharp increase in both consumer experience and expectation, more than ever before, we’re living in a time where the path to purchase is clearly controlled by the consumer.

And this shift in control presents very real challenges to marketers. Chief among these challenges is marketers’ ability to maintain omnipresence in this path without haemorrhaging money to afford the ever-rising costs to stay in play in traditional pay-for-access channels. Smart marketers understand that these costs are simply unsustainable and the smartest marketers understand that in order to stay in play, they need a performance channel that offers diversification, scale, and automation—all on a pay-for-outcome basis. The solution to these challenges presents itself by way of the partnership and channel and to better illustrate this, look to a recent Gartner survey that indicates more than 65% of CMOs expect budgets to increase for affiliate and partner marketing in 2021.

Want to learn more? Stream a conversation between Geoff Ramsey, co-founder of eMarketer and chief evangelist of Insider Intelligence and Matt Gilbert, CEO of Partnerize, about what’s happening in the affiliate marketing space and its intersection with partnerships. Begin streaming here to learn why—in an ever-changing digital climate—marketers need to pivot to partnerships, the critical role content, influencers, and publishers need to play, and how marketers will gain value from affiliate programs as they enter this new normal.

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