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STREAM NOW: What to Know About Diversifying your Affiliate Partnerships

Feb 11, 2021

Curating a rich, diversified mix of publisher partners not only broadens audience reach, it also relieves over-reliance on just a select few partners, minimizing unnecessary risk. Savvy marketers are expanding their partner programs to include a greater spectrum of traditional and non-traditional affiliate partners and are generating incredible value from them.

Last week we held a webinar with our colleagues Acceleration Partners which tackled the prevalent and extensive topic of partner diversification. Our own Erin Killian, VP of Agency & Prime and Michelle Morgan, Director of Publisher Development at Acceleration Partners, hosted an informative session which shared data around partner signup trends, insights about their contribution to growth and revenue and highlighted how to incorporate new non-traditional partners into your affiliate programs.

Today’s digitally connected consumer has a complex array of touchpoints requiring a more sophisticated marketing strategy that seeks to break down barriers. In today’s world, winning marketers and teams embrace partnerships across functions like growth and biz dev and PR. They know that they can tap partnerships across the consumer research, purchase and loyalty phases, but they need a more holistic approach to these interactions and to help them meet their target audience and customers wherever they are, when they need them.

This webinar featured real life examples of brands who are already using the partnership channel to capitalise on the versatility it affords. There isn’t a one-size fits all approach for brands OR publishers – no two are exactly the same. It’s in a brand’s interest to have a healthy mix of traditional and non-traditional partners, and in this webinar we explored the importance of communicating with partners so they understand KPIs. To compliment the session we prepared an eBook which further explores the topic of partnership diversification. Stream our webinar with Acceleration Partners NOW or download the eBook here.

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