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Stand Out and Connect to More Brands with Partnerize

Mar 09, 2021

Director of Partner Growth

Brands on Partnerize are always looking to grow their partner program. New partners are an essential ingredient to help brands see success and continued growth as they work towards their objectives and expansion. Similar to how partners can discover new brands and connection opportunities in the Partnerize platform, brands can also find the partners most likely to succeed in their programs, and invite them to join.

Your partner profile is your business card on Partnerize, this is viewed by brands when you apply to their campaign or they have found you in Discovery. They will review your partner profile to help understand who you are and what you do, to ultimately decide if you would be the right fit for their campaign. When reviewing the partner profile, brands can view information such as your websites, description, type, vertical and contact details. If a brand invites you to their campaigns, you are able to accept or reject their invites.

To help you stand out and get connected to more brands on Partnerize, we have created a Partner Profile Best Practice Guide, inclusive of:

  • Profile Examples
  • Settings
  • Content Examples

Download Partner Profile Best Practice Guide here.


If you have additional opportunities available over the next few months, for brands and retailers to get involved with, let us know! We would love to help get the word out and share these on the Partnerize platform.

You can submit your opportunities here.

If you are not currently working with Partnerize, let’s have a conversation! You can reach out to our Partner Growth team on or you can sign up for a Partnerize Partner Account here.

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