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[Sales Index] Let Data Be Your Holiday Planning Guide

Oct 27, 2021

Director of Analytics and Insights

We always say that data should be your decisioning guide and as we quickly move into the holiday season, this time is no exception. In fact, when we look at two key areas, YoY revenue and commission rates, the YoY data supports that there is a definite ramping happening among advertisers. And this is not to be taken lightly as last year’s Q3 performance was unprecedented. The pandemic was surging across the globe and as many retailers pivoted and rerouted some of their best laid holiday plans, they found themselves increasing spend inside the partnership or affiliate channel. So, to compare YoY and accounting for the uncharacteristic highs, a 3% Q3 YoY revenue lift is something to take note of as it implies that at Partnerize, we were able to maintain last year’s Q3 30% revenue lift.


Further, when we look at commission rates for Q3 2021, we see that they are higher than they were any other quarter since Q1 2019, pre-pandemic, when we first began keeping a close watch. This is a strong indicator that there is increased competition in the marketplace as brands are willing to invest even more in their partners to win over customers this holiday shopping season.


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