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[REPORT] In Affiliate Marketing, Content Retains the Throne

Nov 20, 2021

Over the past few years, we have observed, talked of and written at length about the value that content brings to a digital marketing mix. And after all this time, it’s more than safe to assert that content performance inside the partnership channel is so much more than a flash in the pan. This rise—more steady than meteoric—for content partners, has garnered well-deserved attention of CMOs everywhere, across every vertical and industry, so much so that working with content partners and influencers has become the number one to-do on many CMO’s checklists.

For Partnerize, content partners have demonstrated material year-over-year growth not only throughout 2020 but continuing right into Q2 of 2021. For the best reference, you can check out content partner, along with other partner category performance in our exclusive U.S. Affiliate Marketing Sales Index found here.

However, it was obvious that for too long, content creators were hindered from effectively generating meaningful revenue streams from the affiliate channel because of its inherent last-click attribution model and a subsequent overreliance on correlative publisher partner types. Yet with sophisticated commission allocation tools, content publishers can earn credit and compensation deserved for their role in the conversion path previously unavailable in the category. Diversified partner makeup—including content—is the here, now and future of affiliate marketing.

But we’re not the only ones taking notice and singing praises. eMarketer analyst, Audrey Schomer’s, research in the Publishers and Commerce 2021 report highlights how content partners are driving evolution in the affiliate channel with Partnerize CEO, Matt Gilbert, lending support, data and insight. You can gain access to the full report here.  

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