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Petstock Upgrades Their Affiliate Provider in Favor of Partnerize’s Partner Discovery & Flexible Commissioning

Aug 15, 2023

JAPAC Marketing Director

Australia’s premier pet care and supply destination, Petstock needed a more efficient partner management platform that afforded better automation including access to technology that would allow them to find and activate partnerships that supported their goals of new customer acquisition. They also needed to optimize those partnerships with tools that enabled mutually beneficial outcomes–functionality not available with their previous provider.

The Approach

Backed by strong in-house program management, an initial strategy was developed to optimize lower-funnel partners to drive new customer acquisition. Once this strategy was successfully executed, Petstock would set their sights on expanding their partner composition. Leveraging Discover, Partnerize’s recruitment and activation engine, Petstock surfaced and partnered with right-fit content creators that reached and engaged with their target audience. The digital marketing team were pleasantly surprised with how initial results outperformed their expectations with partner selection –functionality not available to them with their previous provider.


The win prompted Petstock to extend their partner base to coupon, buy-now-pay-later (BNPL), content, cashback and loyalty partners to reach different audiences, further driving online revenue.


The move to Partnerize really solidified our partner channel objectives of finding the right partners to tell the Petstock story and then being able to appropriately reward them for the value they bring us. Thanks to their platform’s automation and partner discovery capabilities, partnerships is our go-to channel that we can rely on for revenue diversity.   

                      • Luke Simonsen, Digital Lead, Petstock  



From implementing dynamic commissioning structures that incented partners by SKU, and activating new partners to monitoring attribution, the Petstock team found the Partnerize platform easy to use. Further, the platform made cost-per-acquisition values easy to discover and partner communication a breeze. PetStock achieved its highest conversion rate with Partnerize compared to any other digital channel. With flexible commissioning and advanced partner discovery powered by Partnerize, Petstock was able to achieve a strong ROAS, also higher than other online channels. 


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