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Performance Marketing Review: Travel Micro-Moments, Ad Viewability

Jul 05, 2016

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Welcome back to the work week, marketers! We hope everyone had a nice July 4 holiday weekend with plenty of time to relax. Here are a few items for today’s roundup of performance marketing and digital marketing industry news, reports and insights to help you get right back into the swing of things.

Making Online Travel Content for Users in Micro-Moments

Travel agents have traditionally invested heavily in ensuring destination guides have lots of rich content covering things to do, places to eat etc., as a part of a comprehensive guide for users to research and engage with. Whilst the nature of content will remain the same, the format of this content needs to adapt so that it can be quickly consumed “on the go”. In a Tnooz post, Arno Sokhi, account director at Polaris discusses how ‘micro-moments’ pose interesting challenges for travel agents.

Predicting Viewability: What Are the Factors that Matter?

Traditionally, publishers have charged marketers according to the number of impressions delivered, but this system offers no guarantee ads will be perceived. For example, is an ad still considered ‘delivered’ if it loads in a browser window the intended viewer is not currently using? In a PerformanceIN op-ed, Zach Schapira opines on the current debate of whether marketers should pay for ads that nobody sees.

Are CMOs and Their Data Scientists Having the Right Conversations?

Having a strong data science team that can help wrangle raw data into actionable insights can alleviate the challenges of having either too much or too little data. As such, it makes sense that the popularity of data scientists as a profession has grown in leaps and bounds. In fact, Harvard Business Review called data scientists the sexiest job of the 21st century. But as the demand for data scientists continues to grow, the supply can’t keep up. In a post for The Drum, Pablo Stern CTO & SVP of Engineering at Radius covers three topics CMOs and data scientists should discuss regularly.

A Call To Mobile Browsers

The mobile ad space is in transition. Mobile programmatic is exploding and global spend is at an all-time high. That has created a lucrative industry where the technology is getting smarter and the ad industry is following suit – with one exception. Tom Desaulniers, president of Go2mobi talks about the challenges of cookie-based attribution across mobile platforms in an AdExchanger Data-Driven Thinker column.

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