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Performance Marketing Review: Travel Brands As A Service

Oct 10, 2016

Passport and Plane Tickets

The travel industry is in between the peak summer season and the winter holidays, but travel brands should stay on top of shifting customer attitudes and behaviors to maximize long-term customer loyalty. We’re kicking off this week’s roundup of recent performance marketing and digital marketing industry news, reports, and insights with some interesting research from Blitz, a Los Angeles-based creative agency.

Travel Brands as a Service: Blitz and Amp Uncover Planning Behaviors and Emerging Trends

As reported by The Drum, the newly-released survey and report, “Targeting Moments of Need in the New Travel Landscape,” shows the impact that technology has had on consumer travel, uncovers travelers’ unmet needs and tells what travel brands must do to meet these new expectations. The report cites that the immediacy and personalized interactions with technology brands like Amazon, Facebook and Apple have raised the bar and made it more important for travel companies and marketers to form individual experiences for consumers, especially in the new world of tracking behaviors, choices and purchases. 

39 Million U.S. Consumers May Be Shopping Globally

As covered in Retail TouchPoints, E-Commerce has the ability to bring the world’s products to your doorstep, and more than three quarters (77%) of U.S. consumers have either bought across borders or are ready to do so. A new consumer survey reports that 42% already have purchased products from non-U.S. digital retailers, and another 35% are open to the idea. As many as 39% of shoppers who already have shopped globally had completed purchases during the week prior to participating in the survey. The survey, conducted by IPSOS for Bronto Software, reveals major opportunities for global e-Commerce retailers in the U.S. market. 

Marketers Seen Spending More on Paid Social Media Ads: Gartner

As reported by Reuters, marketers are poised to increase spending on paid advertising on social networks such as Facebook in the next twelve months due to the declining reach of free social marketing, according to a report from research firm Gartner. Eighty percent of the 123 industry executives surveyed who lead social media marketing initiatives said they would place paid advertising programs on social media within the next twelve months, Gartner said in a statement on Monday. Of the 80 percent, 42 percent will be starting paid social marketing efforts for the first time, while 38 percent already have such programs in place, according to the report.

Mobile Banking User Experience Drives Usage

At a time when most banks and credit unions are trying to improve their mobile banking offering, a research report from the fintech and digital commerce research firm, Futurion finds that mobile design and customer experience criteria predicatively drive usage. The 2016 Mobile Deposit Benchmark Report, sponsored by Mitek, analyzed customer experiences, adoption and usage patterns for 15 of the top financial institutions in the United States. Read key findings from the study as reported by The Financial Brand.

Five Ways to Improve Your Cross-Device Marketing

Mobilegeddon happened over a year ago, so we have all known for quite some time now that marketing needs to work well across channels and devices. Yet, according to eConsultancy’s most recent survey, brand marketers have not changed how they manage cross-channel data. What’s going on? In July and August of 2016, Econsultancy surveyed thousands of marketers globally to find out how they were progressing with their omnichannel strategies. When asked about how well they were able to manage data across multiple channels, more than half (51%) said ‘we have separate, non-connected technologies managing data for different channels.’ eConsultancy shares five tips offered by participants for how marketers can improve their cross-device marketing.

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