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Performance Marketing Review: The First-Party Data Lake

Sep 19, 2016

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We hope everyone had a nice weekend! As always, we kick off Monday with our roundup of recent performance marketing and digital marketing industry news, reports and insights to help get your day started. Have a great week!

The First-Party Data Lake

In an AdExchanger “Sell Sider” column, Paul Cimino, advisor and data lead for Prohaska Consulting and Altiscale talks about “data lakes” and how they can help publishers and brands create an environment where their data can be stored, nurtured, enriched and protected. He says that as we move into this next phase of internet advertising where data–not media–is the principal driver, it is essential for data originators to develop a first-party big data environment not only to keep track of their data but also to own their data supply chain.

Inside Mobile App Retention and Push Notification Timing

Mobile marketers are always looking for ways to boost app retention–after all, users cannot engage with an app that they’ve deleted–and a new study shows that sending users push notifications at optimal times can help do just that. As reported on FierceCMO, the “Retention, Revealed: The Need-to-Know Facts Behind App Retention & ROI” report from mobile marketing platform Leanplum analyzed 200 apps with at least 100 first-time users across a variety of markets. According to the report, mobile teams should consider new approaches to retaining active users, such as sending push notifications based on personalized delivery times.

Relax Marketers: Data Analysts Won’t Replace You (Any Time Soon)

No one denies that the role of data analytics as a decision-making aid will grow significantly. Prominent marketers already use the full range of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics that are available now using various business intelligence tools for marketing as well as predictive analysis platforms that crunch massive datasets to generate automated insights. However according to Ilan Hertz in a CMSWire op-ed, there are two reasons why marketers aren’t an endangered species.

Your Customers Are Shopping on the Move: Are You Keeping Up with Them?

More people than ever before shop on smartphones and they’re even purchasing products brands would never have previously considered to be smartphone-friendly. A mobile strategy is vital, but a next-level mobile strategy may require brands to look beyond smartphones – to OOH. In an ExchangeWire op-ed, Harjit Badesha, CEO of KBH Digital, offers advice on how brands can capitalise on the huge growth in m-commerce – shopping from a smartphone.

Connecting the Dots: How the Customer Data Platform Solves What Ails Marketers

Just when marketing thought it had sorted out the latest in data management tools, a high-profile industry analyst firm officially recognized another category of solution: the customer data platform (CDP). In July, Gartner Research analysts introduced the CDP into its “Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising, 2016.” And although it’s early in the hype cycle, it’s not too soon to ask how this platform, first coined in 2013 by technologist David Raab, fits into the marketing technology stack. MarketingLand columnist Josh Manion discusses the role of the CDP and how it differs from other data platforms.

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