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Performance Marketing Review: Snapchat Ad Revenues to Reach $1 Billion

Sep 06, 2016

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Welcome back from the long weekend, marketers! We hope you all had a nice Labor Day holiday and are easing back into your routines. To help get things started, we kick off the week with our normal roundup of recent performance marketing and digital marketing industry news, reports and insights. Enjoy!

Snapchat Ad Revenues to Reach Nearly $1 Billion Next Year

According to eMarketer’s first ad revenue forecast for the social platform, Snapchat is poised for explosive growth in ad revenues in the coming years. Worldwide, it will generate $366.69 million in ad revenues this year, with that figure jumping to $935.46 million in 2017. In the US, Snapchat’s Discover feature generates the largest share (43%) of the company’s ad revenues. That balance will shift next year, as Stories overtakes Discover as the dominant ad revenue source, generating 37.8% of the company’s US ad business.

What Ad Buyers Really Think About Google, Facebook, Twitter and Everything in Between

The major digital media platforms—full of big gains, big hype and often a lack of transparency—have made the advertising universe a complicated, fragmented place. AdWeek asked seven ad buyers—from three consumer brands and three agencies, plus one independent—to talk about what’s right and what’s wrong with a dozen platforms with which they do business. Here, these and more buyers weigh in on topics ranging from measurement and pricing to which platforms still need improvement.

What Share of Their Budgets Are CMOs Allocating to Social Media?

As reported by MarketingProfs, chief marketing officers (CMOs) expect to nearly double the proportion of marketing budget they allocate to social media within five years, according to recent research from The CMO Survey. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in August 2016 of 427 top marketers in the United States. Marketers say they currently spend 11.7% of their annual budget on social media, on average. That is up from 7.1% in August 2011. CMOs say they think they will spend 22.2% of their annual marketing budget on social media five years from now, the survey found.

Ad Tech And Building Trust: Lessons From Fin Tech

In an AdExchanger Data-Driven Thinker post, Nicole Ferry, partner and executive director of strategy at Sullivan talks about how the recent SEC approval for the Investors Exchange (IEX) to become a public stock exchange is a significant win like this for a pro-transparency player is important – and one from which advertising should take lessons. That’s because the ad industry – particularly ad tech – has a trust problem, and while financial technology’s latest developments don’t offer a road map for solving advertising’s biggest challenges, the way that fin tech players have communicated to their customers does offer guidance for building trust into an industry that’s come under fire.

More than two-thirds of digital media time now mobile, apps 50 percent

According to July data from comScore, smartphone apps now constitute 50 percent of all digital media time. That’s up from 44 percent roughly a year ago, as reported by Marketing Land. Overall, digital media time spent with mobile is now a whopping 68 percent. The desktop commands just 32 percent of our digital attention. In the event it isn’t obvious, there are a number of immediate takeaways and implications that come from this data. The first is that though we’re living in a cross-platform world, mobile is without question primary.

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