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Performance Marketing Review: Smart Insights From Global CMOs

Dec 12, 2016

CMO Meeting

The shifting sands of today’s digital marketing landscape keeps every CMO on his or her toes – especially with increased adoption of performance marketing models. As we turn the corner into 2017, marketing heads everywhere are strategizing for the new year. For today’s news roundup, we pulled together some recent posts that we found had interesting and informative thoughts from various CMOs around the globe.

Frito-Lay CMO: ‘Innovation is more important than ever’

Frito-Lay CMO Jennifer Saenz said in an interview with Digiday, “For us, innovation in keeping consumers’ attention is more important than ever. It’s really about how we can interact with consumers in new ways and retain them.” Frito-Lay employs a “70-20-10” approach to innovation: 70 percent of its marketing follows traditional methodology like TV, search and email, 20 percent for new, experiential marketing and 10 percent is meant to be unique. “We need to make sure that the business delivers consistent results for Wall Street, but at the same time, we want to make a difference,” said Saenz.

A CMO’s View: For PepsiCo, MarTech is Central to Shaping the Consumer Experience

In an interview with Marketing Land, PepsiCo CMO Seth Kaufman shares how his teams are using martech across the brand’s entire product line. The key takeaways:

1. Stay agile: As the old saying goes, the only thing that is constant is change. This means using technology and tools to listen to consumers and transform your products and marketing strategy accordingly.

2. Be authentic: Reach fans by engaging in areas that are already meaningful to them, whether it’s a key moment in time or through a specific platform.

3. Invest in your talent: Your company and brand’s strategy is only as strong as your team, and it must be a diverse team with talents and experiences that match today’s new challenges. 

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