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Performance Marketing Review: Mobile App Strategy for the Holidays

Aug 22, 2016

Happy Holidays

During these hot dog days of summer, the holidays are still a distant thought for consumers. For retailers, however, this is prime time for holiday marketing and sales planning. A look at mobile app strategy kicks off this week’s roundup of performance marketing and digital marketing industry news, reports and insights. Have a great week!

A Mobile App Strategy Shift Can Make for Happier Holidays

In an op-ed on Internet Retailer, Scott Allan, chief marketing officer of Pure Oxygen Labs says retailers should consider how mature retail apps are increasingly being tailored to a company’s most loyal shopper as well as how purchase frequency, app maturity, mobile moment and shopping intent can all impact a consumer’s preference for app vs. web. Competing in a combined appweb environment against Amazon and other e-commerce leaders urgently requires all retailers to consider every marketing channel as an opportunity to drive app downloads and re-engagement. Retailers who start now and begin optimizing mobile app and web traffic in a more deliberate way from single campaign links will be better positioned to compete with the Amazon shopping app and other leading retail apps this holiday season.

Mobile Web vs. Apps vs. Native SMS: Tips for Mobile Engagement Success

Given how significant the mobile phone has become in our everyday lives, and, quite frankly, our personal identity, how can brands effectively master communications with customers in a way that achieves results while still being respectful of the user? And what methods should we take to reach them? Can brands just build a mobile app and call it a day? According to Jessica Langdorf and Doreen Saxby from TouchCommerce in a MarketingProfs article, it isn’t that simple. They contend there are opportunities for businesses to engage with mobile users beyond simply creating an app or mobile website. Mobile communications need to be informed, responsive, intelligent, and mindful of the user’s unique experience on mobile versus other platforms, such as the desktop.

What Skills Do CMOs Need to Drive the Future Marketing Function?

Agility, collaboration and new ways of thinking about customer engagement are all set to shake-up the future of marketing, as we discover, according to Azadeh Williams of CMO. The age of digital disruption hasn’t just seen technology’s star rise in the marketing function; it’s also placed a firm emphasis on agility. And with consumer expectations only expected to increase, experts believe the future of work for marketers is one where things are even more dynamic and collaborative. Azadeh talked to marketing leads, technology experts and industry commentators to find out the skills the next gen of marketers need to drive the marketing function forward.

How Biometrics in Fintech Can Bring a Different Angle to Using Biometrics in Advertising

In a slight removal from ExchangeWire’s habitual coverage of ad tech and martech, Lindsay Rowntree  explores the world of fintech and how biometrics is changing the banking industry. Many considerations need to be made before biometrics become the norm. What makes this relevant for advertising? Biometrics in advertising has been talked about for a number of years; admittedly on a different scale, with the use of wearables, but when understanding where the use of biometrics could take the advertising industry, it’s worth looking at how it’s being used in other industries not only to bring improved targeting and consumer identification, but also to help reduce the instances of fraud.

…and finally, For Those Keeping Score, American Women Dominated in Rio

As reported in the New York Times, the Olympics games concluded with a striking overall performance by American women, who won 27 medals (not including a gold in mixed doubles tennis). Had women competed as a separate country, they would have ranked third in the overall medal chart (61), behind China (70) and Britain (67) and just ahead of the American men. One of the most interesting events to compare gender differences in is the 4×100 relay in Track and Field. While women have consistently practiced and won, frequent losses by men suggests insufficient practice. And on the topic of global talent, it would also be interesting to know how many participating Olympic athletes live and train within the United States.

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