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Performance Marketing Review: Make Your Meetings More Productive

Oct 24, 2016


Good morning! We hope you all had a nice weekend. Like most marketers, your Monday probably starts with at least one meeting. We kick off this week’s roundup of recent performance marketing, partner marketing, and digital marketing industry news, reports, and insights with some information how location data offers marketers a new edge.

 The Where Factor: How Location Data Offers a New Marketing Edge

In 2013, 74 percent of US smartphone owners used location-based services, and in 2015 that number grew to 90 percent, according to eMarketer. There are 4 million apps available on Apple and Android phones. The majority of app users expect it to have location context. To help make the “Where Factor” a core customer factor for all, Bill Borrelle, SVP of Brand Strategy and Integrated Marketing Communications with Pitney Bowes shares three things to consider in an AdWeek op-ed.

Are Your Marketing Pros Ready to Handle Big Data?

A marketer’s role is to help leverage brands, products and overall awareness of a business’ core mission. That means analyzing data has become increasingly valuable to marketers, giving them real-time insights into trends, current campaigns and failed initiatives. Marketers are now at the front of data analytics, requiring these pros to develop new skill sets. Sarah K. White shares insights on challenges and opportunities in a article.

The Marketer’s Dilemma

Massive shifts are afoot in media and marketing. Sectors that didn’t exist a few years ago — social media, native advertising, and in-app advertising, to name a few — now compete for user and marketer attention. These developments have given rise to what we call the marketer’s dilemma. Today’s marketer has more options to reach her target audience than ever before. Yet it has never been more difficult to earn the attention and engagement of that user. In a strategy + business article, three members of PwC’s global entertainment and media practice talk about the new capabilities all participants in the vast marketing ecosystem must develop to stay relevant. 

The IAB’s Dynamic Ad Standard Will Bridge The Divide Between Data And Creativity

The IAB Dynamic Content Ad Standard provides a detailed schema for how constituents across the digital ad supply chain should define an ad’s creative components and asset variations, which are needed to build and serve real-time dynamic content. Such standards are important because they remove communication barriers between layers of software. In an AdExchanger op-ed, Diaz Nesamoney, CEO at Jivox and co-chair of the IAB Tech Lab Dynamic Content Ad Standard Working Group says: without standards like this, there is no hope of personalized digital advertising achieving any kind of scale across any part of the digital ad ecosystem. 

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