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Performance Marketing Review: Is Ad Tech Really Dead?

Oct 03, 2016


Good morning, marketers! Last Thursday was National Coffee Day, and like most of you, we had no problem paying tribute to the beverage that helps us all get moving. In addition to a hot (or iced) cup of joe this morning, we hope our roundup of recent performance marketing and digital marketing industry news, reports and insights helps get your day started.

There’s No Reason Not To Be Bullish On Ad Tech

According to Allison Schiff from AdExchanger, it’s time to put a fork in the now timeworn “ad tech is dead” narrative. Investors and VC firms could be forgiven for being down, however – because so are most of the ad tech stocks themselves. Although some have fared better than others, Rocket Fuel, Rubicon, Tremor, TubeMogul, Marin Software and YuMe have all seen their prices dip since hitting the public market. That doesn’t mean these companies don’t have valuable assets and, at least in some cases, a viable business model.

Case Study: Atom Bank Revolutionizes Traditional Banking

As covered in 1to1media, Atom Bank, the app-only bank is disrupting the traditional banking model with uncomplicated language, biometric verification, and personalized experiences. Atom Bank is on a mission to challenge the traditional banking model. Its mobile-only platform is distinctly different than what most people think of when they think of banks. Instead of adding mobile channels on top of legacy systems, this bank launched earlier this year in the U.K. with a device-only approach. No branches. Not even web-banking tools. Just an app.

The Truth Behind McDonald’s Ice Cream Conspiracy Theory and Other Brand Myths

Conspiracy theories can be fun. Why haven’t humans been back to the moon since 1972? How could one person have possibly written all of Shakespeare? Didn’t someone just see Elvis alive and well outside a Vegas lunch buffet? What’s fun about these theories is when they take on a life of their own as urban legends. What’s not so fun is when these urban legends have a negative impact on your business. One such urban legend is “The Great McDonald’s Soft-Serve Ice Cream Conspiracy Theory of 2016.” Joshua Reynolds from Quantified shares a few tips on Marketing Land to uncover urban myths about your own brand.

Retailers Can Now Request That Uber Drop Off Customers Right in Front of Their Stores

Holiday shopping is just about to kick into gear, and brands now have one more app to consider for marketing this year—Uber. As reported in AdWeek, the ride-hailing app is partnering with location-data company Yext to let brands create in-app campaigns. Uber has already worked with brands to deliver on-demand products but now appears to opening up the actual app as a marketing platform. While consumers still pay for the Uber ride, brands can set up campaigns within Uber once someone is in the car. In one example, brands can link a pin on an Uber map to a website showing in-store inventory at a shop. 

Digital Video Arms Race: Why User generated content strategies will be a marketer’s saviour

Video content is tipped to account for around 80% of all internet traffic by 2019 and according to Mark Zuckerberg, 90% of Facebook’s content will be video by 2018. Marketers the world over let out a collective ‘oh dear’.  In a Mumbrella op-ed, James Towers, head of agency at Kwickie Australia says: “User-generated content, or UGC as us cool media people refer to it, has been used well in the past by a select few major brands. But in the days of expensive video content creation UGC might just be a saviour of the massive cost of constant video production.”

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