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Performance Marketing Review: Holiday Prep, Attribution & Ad Blocking

Jun 27, 2016

Christmas Gift

Happy Monday, everyone! With summer in full swing, the winter holidays are the last thing on people’s minds. But for ecommerce marketers, now is prime time to prepare. We found a great primer on this plus a couple other interesting items for today’s roundup of performance marketing and digital marketing industry news, reports and insights. Enjoy!

Speaking of Summer, What Interesting Perspectives Are Coming Out of Cannes?

Today, Abbey Klaassen, CMO of 360i, wrote an interesting article about the intersection of creativity and technology at Cannes. Spoiler alert – although it is less than one might expect, it is producing increasingly interesting results.  You can read about cabanas and sea view at AdAge

What E-commerce Marketers Should Do Now To Prepare For The Holiday Season

For e-commerce retailers, the pressure to hit sales numbers is at its highest during the holiday season. You need to be in lock step with sales to build a holiday campaign strategy that focuses on key consumer trends yet has flexibility for you to respond to last minute market adjustments. Early summer is the time for you to start conversations with sales in preparation for Q4. Terri Mock, Chief Revenue Officer of Ve Interactive shares some solid tips on Internet Retailer.

Is Accurate Attribution Even Possible?

This is something marketers have been asking for years – especially in performance-based marketing where brands work with hundreds or even thousands of digital marketing partners. In an AdExchanger Data-Driven Thinker column, Martin Kihn, Research Vice President at Gartner explores this question. Kihn contends, “Despite what some providers and purveyors proclaim, existing methods are rife with hidden assumptions, shortcuts, data holes, methodological debates and statistical smoke.”

Ad Blocking Slows Mobile Web Page Loading By More Than 3 Seconds

As reported on MediaPost, mobile web page load times have become a focus as brands look to optimize sites and content through Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP), but a study released Wednesday shows some ad-blocking technology can slow the load time of certain Web pages — in one instance, by as much as 3.12 seconds. In fact, Southwest Airlines’ mobile site loaded in 4.16 seconds with ad blocking off, slowing to 7.28 seconds with ad blocking on.

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