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Performance Marketing Review: Females Dominate In-App Purchases

Oct 17, 2016

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In-app purchases generate huge revenues, and mobile app users spend 24 percent more on in-app transactions than on upfront app payments, according to an online consumer survey by Gartner. We kick off this week’s roundup of recent performance marketing, partner marketing, and digital marketing industry news, reports, and insights with research about gender and the in-app purchase market.

Female Consumers Dominate the In-App Purchase Market

As covered by PerformanceIn, women are both more likely to purchase from shopping and gaming apps and are cheaper to acquire, as found by a newly-released report by mobile user acquisition specialist Liftoff. According to the group, females are 34% more likely to buy via an app, whether that’s m-commerce or gaming app purchases, and 40% less expensive than males to acquire as customers. These findings in mind, Liftoff goes as far as claiming that app marketers should be tilting spend in favour of targeting women into 2017.

Facebook Tweaks Audience Network To Favor Advertiser Metrics

Facebook is changing the way it values ad placements across its Audience Network as part of an ongoing transition from proxy ad metrics to actual business conversions, as reported by AdExchanger. The move will boost inventory quality across Facebook Audience Network (FAN) and inevitably create winners and losers among its tens of thousands of publisher partner apps and mobile sites. FAN is a lucrative business that Facebook has invested in heavily this year while shuttering LiveRail and the desktop retargeting tech FBX. FAN allows Facebook to target advertising to its users across partner apps and mobile sites.

Rethinking Today’s Attribution Problem in Digital Marketing

Proper attribution modeling is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers today. Attribution modeling has seen incredible progress over the years, offering increasingly better solutions to track touch points throughout a conversion. While progress has been made, the attribution models that most companies are using today offer a partial solution that tracks only online conversions and channels. Search Engine Land columnist Christi Olson discusses the common gaps in attribution and some ideas for thinking more holistically about your digital marketing campaigns.

LiveRamp Launches IdentityLink To Enhance Cross-Channel Data Resolution

As reported by MediaPost, LiveRamp announced last week the launch of IdentityLink, a product aimed at unifying siloed data across on- and offline channels. LiveRamp offers the ability to onboard all data from any channel, including addressable TV, direct mail, programmatic advertising, point of sale, mobile, CRM and social, to hundreds of marketing platforms, painting a stronger picture of the end user. The company commissioned an industry study that found 92% of all marketers believe that engaging in people-based marketing on digital channels is of crucial importance. However, the same study indicated that only 17% have the ability to develop an omnichannel understanding of consumers.

Digital Advertising Beyond the Impression

The baseline metric for pricing and measuring digital advertising—the served impression—has shaped digital media for more than two decades, as explored in a new eMarketer report. A history of ever-decreasing CPMs for display ads meant that publishers had to achieve massive scale to deliver enough impressions to make money from digital. This led to creating clickbait, slideshows, unskippable pre-roll video ads and other content that was hard to avoid but also frequently low quality. As impressions continued to lose value, advertisers started asking questions about the quality and efficacy of served impressions: How many real, live humans were on the other side of all those impressions being served?

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