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Performance Marketing Review: Digital & the Funeral Industry

Oct 31, 2016


“There is no rewind button for a funeral…unlike in aviation or in hospitality where you can give a customer a voucher or an opportunity to come back, you only have one chance to make it right.”

Good morning and Happy Halloween! We kick off this week’s roundup of recent performance marketing, partner marketing, and digital marketing industry news, reports, and insights with an interesting, appropriately-themed article from Marketing on digital marketing and the funeral services industry.

How Digital is Keeping the Funeral Industry Alive and Kicking

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes”. Yet, consumers don’t quite enjoy talking about either. Except for maybe on Halloween, where we openly dress as the dead, the ghostly and of course, mummies and zombies. Halloween however wasn’t always a holiday with so much commercial value at stake. Initially, it was known to be a cultural practice to honour those who have passed. This Halloween, Marketing got a little curious about what we can learn from the world of undertakers.

Dynamic Creative Optimization: Talkin’ About an Evolution

In ExchangeWire’s latest column from the IAB’s Display Trading Council, Jez Fawcett, international head of product, Rocket Fuel and Mathew Downs, programmatic services EMEA, Yahoo, share with ExchangeWire the power of Dynamic Creative Optimisation and why, while no longer a new technique, its use cases are evolving and it can still be a strong driver of increased ad effectiveness.

Don’t Become ‘That Brand’

In an AdExchanger Data-Driven Thinking post, Nancy Hall, senior vice president at Conversant shares three personal examples of data targeting errors that happen each and every day, with key takeaway being that these brands aren’t fully valuing the power that their data possesses, and they’re prioritizing scale over quality. She believes that not only is this approach annoying for consumers and potentially a detriment to the future of the brand, but it’s also a complete waste of money for the brands.

The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Holiday Ad Buying

As reported in AdAge, although it might be too early to look at Christmas decorations inside retail stores, it’s never too early for performance marketers to plan their programmatic holiday ad strategies. In a holiday-focused whitepaper Wednesday, ad-tech powerhouse AppNexus shared a slew of statistics about when it might make the most sense to purchase ad inventory leading up to and after the holidays. AppNexus made most of its predicitions using data compiled from last year’s holiday shopping period. 

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