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Performance Marketing Review: CUPONATION Rebrands & Mobile Ad Spend

Jun 06, 2016

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Happy Monday, marketers! For today’s roundup of performance marketing and digital marketing industry news, reports and insights, we found some items to catch up on for the week.

CUPONATION Revamps as Global Savings Group to Boost Position in Performance Marketing

As PerformanceIn reported, CUPONATION Group, the Rocket Internet-backed provider of discount platforms, is rebranding as Global Savings Group. Its brands widely embrace performance marketing as a key channel for driving results in e-commerce, and the platforms allow the group to connect with customers at various stages of the purchasing journey. Earlier this year, CUPONATION selected Performance Horizon for its digital partner marketing.

Mary Meeker Says Advertisers Aren’t Spending Enough on Mobile

Mary Meeker’s famed annual Internet Trends Report came out last week. As reported in a WIRED article, despite massive growth in mobile advertising, Meeker argues that advertisers still aren’t advertising on mobile nearly enough and are still committing too many of their dollars to so-called legacy media. Meeker pegs the mobile ad market at $22 billion in the US, yet mobile ad spend only accounts for 12 percent of the total advertising pie.

On the other hand…

Should We Be Evaluating Companies Based on Mobile Revenue?

In an AdExchanger article, Sarah Sluis reminds readers that a high percentage of mobile revenue isn’t a sign of success any more than it is of growth. Sometimes mobile revenue growth reflects natural audience shifts. The same consumers might be accessing content via mobile, not desktop. It doesn’t mean these companies are conquering new territory. Twitter’s mostly mobile revenue increases at a healthy clip year over year, yet investors worry about stagnating new user acquisition.

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