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Performance Marketing Review: Advertising Week #AWNewYork

Sep 26, 2016

Happy Monday, marketers! There’s a lot going on this week, including the start of Advertising Week in NYC. We kick the day off with our roundup of recent performance marketing and digital marketing industry news, reports and insights, including a couple of interesting pieces from AW360. Have a great week!

Three Things I Learned To Do in Ad Tech from Working with the Military

Kate O’Loughlin, GM & SVP Media Business for Tapad talks about how she started her career as a systems engineer at Lockheed Martin. Her job specifically centered on mission operations for a satellite-based military communications system. It’s a pretty far departure from her current role in the ad tech industry, but working in defense has had an immeasurable impact on how she thinks about solving advertising problems. She shares three things she learned in an AW360 post.

Advanced Advertising: Reality vs. Hype

In another AW360 post, Howard K. Bass, EY Global Media & Entertainment Advisory Leader shares his belief that advanced, data-driven advertising is a hot-button topic for the media industry these days, but many people are missing the point of what it really means. In his view, too many experts are focused on technical platforms like programmatic buying or the logistical exercise of organizing data. However, they are ignoring the bigger picture and the opportunities that data-driven advertising presents. 

And in the world of app and mobile marketing…

App Marketers Are Adopting More Data-Driven Tactics, But Challenges Remain

Brands are starting to get more comfortable with performance-based app marketing – but they’re still transitioning. As reported by AdExchanger, with the cost of app installs on the rise, an app marketer’s job is far trickier today than when downloads were the primary KPI. Although cost per install is still the primary buying model brands use for paid user acquisition marketing – a report released Monday by mobile attribution company Apsalar and VC firm Thomvest Ventures found that 75% say they still primarily buy on a CPI basis – cost per action is gaining traction.

Mobile Data Marketplace Creates Direct Path From App to Dollars

As reported by Advertising Age, mobile app publishers are tethered to advertising as the primary revenue stream that keeps them afloat, but one company aims to create an even more direct line between mobile user data and dollars. Mobile ad firm Airpush is set to launch its mobile data marketplace, where companies can purchase precise device location information, including beacon data, encrypted email addresses, device identifiers and information showing which apps phones have installed and how frequently they’re accessed.

The Mobile App Environment Is More Challenging than Ever 

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