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Performance Marketing Insights in Retail

Jul 21, 2016

Performance Horizon EMEA Retail Event

Photo courtsey of Emily Brown

Hello performance marketers! We recently hosted a retail-oriented educational seminar in London featuring key speakers from Visa, adidas, and Quidco. There were some interesting discussions and we wanted to share a brief recap and some takeaways that may apply to everyone in the performance marketing space.


In a single second, 2157 transactions take place across the Visa network. Paul Rollings, Visa’s guru for all things data, discussed how insights from these transactions can drive consumer spending and the implications this has for affiliate and partner marketers.

Our key takeaway:

Although recently there’s been quite a bit of buzz around big data, marketers should focus on the data that better informs their decision-making and ultimately translates into outcomes. Having actionable data is critical for an effective marketer, especially when it is ingested in real-time and easily digestible in clear visualizations.


Martin Kara, West Europe Affiliate Manager for adidas, shared how adidas grew 80% YoY in the first half of 2016 through a considered and strategic expansion plan across Europe. To enter new markets successfully, advertisers must understand the specific cultural, economic and publisher dynamics within each region. Publisher business models and their position in the customer journey vary from country to country and brands have to adapt to new business models in a thoughtful way.

Our key takeaway:

Entering new markets absolutely requires local expertise. It’s also important for brands to track how their regional campaign performance stacks up relative to their other campaigns nationally and internationally. We’ve worked with adidas in the past to centralize reporting, budgeting, and forecasting across their fragmented global affiliate program. Giving adidas a holistic view on their campaign performance helped them better optimize their efforts and ultimately led to:

  • 149% YOY growth
  • 35% drop in cost of sale
  • Expansion from 4 European markets to 18

To learn more about this client success story, read the entire case study here. 


Publishers are using data in entirely new ways to deliver value to advertisers and we received first-hand insight about Quidco’s initiatives from Jon Neal, Quidco’s Head of Data & Insights. Being customer-centric requires personalization and customer personas provide a meaningful way to map patterns within data to a customer’s propensity to buy.

Our key takeaway:

We’re firm believers in empowering publishers with as much relevant data as possible. Working with an airline through Performance Horizon allows Quidco to differentiate between booked vs consumed flights, which enables them to target high-value customers with new upsell offers to increase their overall spend.

Overall, the event was a huge success. If you or any of your colleagues may be interested in attending a future Performance Horizon event, please drop us a line!

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