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Partnership and Affiliate Benchmarks: Partnerize Launches Retail Benchmarker

Sep 04, 2019

APAC Marketing Director

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Today, Partnerize is launching our new Retail Partnership Benchmarking Tool, which enables partner and affiliate marketers to benchmark their own partner and affiliate program metrics against crowdsourced industry averages. By inputting just a few affiliate marketing metrics from their existing programs, marketers can leverage our new online tool to juxtapose each key metric with averaged data from other major partner and affiliate marketers. These comparisons can provide marketers insight into where their program performance stands versus the retail affiliate industry at large.


This new partner and affiliate benchmarking tool is intended as an aid to both omnichannel and online-only retailers active in these fast-growing spaces. Future editions of the benchmarker will support advertisers in other verticals.

This exciting new offering provides marketers with a dynamically generated, highly customized analysis of how their brand’s partner and affiliate marketing campaign performance compares. This report on a brand’s partner and affiliate marketing channels shows how the respondent’s answers jibe with the average of all retail respondents who have already taken the benchmarker. We’ve designed the report to be a genuine aid to more effective program management and strategy.

affiliate share of sales benchmarks

To create the at-launch comparison data for the strategic benchmarking tool, Partnerize worked with more than 100 companies that volunteered to provide their partner and affiliate digital marketing metrics anonymously to power averages for the tool. Individual retailer performance will never be shared, sold, or revealed to others. We also referenced a 2018 survey that we conducted to ensure our benchmarker metrics provide an accurate picture of how well major programs perform. Individual brands’ performance metrics are kept confidential.

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The individualized benchmarking survey report also provides marketing insights on what factors contribute to higher or lower performance experience on the key financial and other measures examined. For example, the analysis reveals how the specific products marketed by a retailer, or the retailer’s specific trading area, can impact affiliate sales results. Key performance data analyzed by the tool include:

  • Percentage of Total Digital Sales Driven by Partner Programs: To calculate this, advertisers first take a look at their total online sales. How much of this total is attributed back to partnerships and affiliate-driven sales? For example, if a business made $500,000 in total online sales and transactions via partnerships/affiliates made up $100,000 of that mix, then partnership would be reported as the driver for 20% of total digital sales.
  • Number of Partners in Their Partnership Programs: Best practices process here is to count the total number of partners that are active in the revenue partnerships/affiliate program. By active we mean that they are reporting conversions and other data in the previous month. In our analysis, we explain the ramifications of various partner recruitment strategies on data.
  • Return on Ad Spend for the Partnership Channel: Calculated by taking the total revenue driven by the partner and affiliate marketing campaigns divided by the total of commissions, network or platform costs, for those marketing campaigns.
  • Average Percent of Revenue Paid As Commission to Partners: Calculated by averaging the bounty you pay for a conversion and dividing it by the average basket size for the partnership program. This financial benchmarking helps marketers understand the relative “generosity” of their program. Naturally, gross margin of goods sold will be a key driver of this metric.
  • Average Conversion Rate for Partner Marketing Activity: This is calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of clicks on partner marketing campaign ads and links. Our analysis also explains the potential impact that having a lot of content partners can have on a brand’s click/referral traffic conversion rate.
  • Share of Partner-Driven Purchases Made to New Customers: Here we want to understand, of the total purchases driven by a partnership program, how many were made to people who have never made a purchase with that retail before. The process to calculate this is to divide total net new buyer purchases by total purchases. Customer acquisition programs are very popular in our industry, as is interest in incrementality.

Because most retailers focus on purchases rather than mid-funnel metrics like lead generation and recurring payments, we have concentrated primarily on retail sales and related metrics.

affiliate benchmarks - ROAS

CROWDSOURCED RETAIL PARTNERSHIP BENCHMARKING BENCHMARKS: The metrics in this platform are crowdsourced, meaning that they will change with industry e-commerce trends as more and more people fill out the Retail Partnership Benchmarking experience. 

affiliate benchmarks - average CPA

The core intent is to enable members of the community to help each other. Brands are invited to participate regardless of which network or platform products and services they use. In short, we wanted to create a tool that was valuable whether or not the participating brand is a Partnerize customer. 

affiliate benchmarks - customer acquisition

Our goal over time is to get enough respondents for the Benchmarking Tool so that we can make different versions of the metrics reporting and analysis for different regions and types of retailers. If interest in the offering is strong, we will also launch one for affiliate partners and influencers later in the year.


affiliate benchmarks - results analysis

We are very proud and excited to offer these benchmarking services to the industry. We hope it helps strategic retail marketers set future performance goals that improve their business outcomes. Special thanks to our outstanding creative team for making the usage process and overall user experience so strong and intuitive. Please give this competitive benchmark tool a whirl and let us know what you think at 

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