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Partners, Maximize Your Promotional Capabilities in 2023 with Partnerize

Jan 03, 2023

Product Marketing Manager

Brands and partners alike are kicking off 2023 by developing a partner channel strategy that allows them to garner their share of this consumer spend. For partners in particular, it’s important to ensure that they are maximizing their ability to promote the brands they work with– something that can be achieved by leveraging Partnerize capabilities such as: 


  • Easily track omnichannel campaigns with QR codes. The Partnerize platform enables brands to generate QR codes for specific SKUs or categories. Providing partners with the ability to promote a QR code is one of the tools in your box to extend partner channel tracking into omnichannel campaigns. If you’re currently leveraging Partnerize, you could find out more about QR code creative in our resource center for partners.
  • Improve attribution with Exclusive Code.  For partners, the likelihood of driving revenue has a big impact on whether they choose to join and promote a brand’s campaigns. Partners can maximize revenue generation by encouraging brands to assign Exclusive Codes to them. When exclusive codes are activated and assigned to a partner account, any conversion associated with the redeemable code will be attributed to their account. With exclusive codes in play, the assigned partner will receive 100% of commission every time the code is redeemed, even in instances where the partner linked to the exclusive code wasn’t involved with the click or in referring the traffic.
  • Leverage dynamic commissioning structures in negotiations. Partnerize’s tracking technology enables you to be equitably rewarded for the value you provide to brands. When negotiating collaborations with brands, suggest implementing dynamic commissioning structures including custom rates for:
    • Specific products or SKUs on excess inventory or products that you are featuring in your placements.
    • Sale category. Working with a brand that doesn’t offer discounts? Discuss promoting their sale category at a tailored commission rate that allows the brand to maintain control of their marketing dollars while ensuring that you are paid for the value you provide.
    • Tiered incentives. When finalizing payment details with brands, review potential for tiered rewards based on conversion attributes such as AOV or revenue threshold—innovation that ensures you’re paid more for driving higher basket sizes.


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