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Partners, Get Your Profiles Ready for the Holiday Season

Dec 10, 2021

Product Marketing Manager

This holiday shopping season, consumers are projected to spend $189B on ecommerce purchasesroughly 15% more than the same period last year. Publisher partners that are eager to get their share of the digital spend surge can benefit from creating new brand partnerships in time for the holiday season. And it’s not too late to stand out as a best match for advertisers recruiting last-minute key partnerships by taking simple steps such as updating your partner profile.  


The Partnerize platform puts partners in control of their information that is displayed to brands seeking new partnerships. From adding a logo, to accurately selecting your vertical or including up to date stats in the description, it is imperative to keep these details up to date. 


Brands only have a finite amount of time to allocate to the discovery and recruitment of new partners (even less around the holidays) and supplying out-of-date details can be detrimental to your likelihood of being recruited by right-fit brand partners.


Bear in mind, no sooner than the holiday season ends and the decorations are packed away in the attic, brands will have one eye on the new year and the new opportunities it can bring. Brands are constantly monitoring their recruitment tools to create new partnerships, so ensure your details and website figures are updated regularly as we move into 2022. Globally, there are hundreds of notable holidays to mark in your calendar throughout the year, so put yourself in the best position to capitalize when requesting to join a campaign.  


Andy Spoors, Product Marketing Manager, spoke with Immy Ewbank, Senior Partnerships Associate at Partnerize, on the importance of keeping your information as up to date as possible during the holidays and beyond. 


Andy Spoors: Why is it important for partners to make sure their information is complete and up to date?


Immy Ewbank: Brands see the information you have supplied in the form of a partner profile. Your profile is effectively your business card on the Partnerize platform. Having the correct contact information, logo, and a full description about your business helps brands to understand the opportunity of working with you. 


Keeping the details up to date also makes sure that brands can quickly and easily contact the correct person even after you’re approved on to their program. Your partner profile is the first impression, so make it a written representation of your business!


Brands can see recommendations based on conversion rate, but when multiple partners are recommended they may only have the information you have supplied to make a final decision.


AS: In your experience, what do brands look for on a partner’s profile when recruiting?


IE: The best profiles tend to be ones where there is a direct email address and contact name, rather than a team inbox. This immediately builds a direct relationship, and personalizes your company. Logos also really help to streamline your profile on Partnerize with your wider brand.


For descriptions, look at covering these points:


  • About – What you do and why you do it? Describe your site, audience/demo, detail unique visitors, traffic, etc. Brands can then understand if you reach their target market and quickly get to know what you have to offer.
  • Promotional Countries – Where is your audience? Brands will be looking for partners that match their marketing strategy and help tap into new audiences or solidify their position in a specific territory.
  • Promotional Opportunities – How do you work with brands? What opportunities are available and on what mediums? Brands are always on the lookout for exposure and the more creative and diverse the opportunity the more chance you have to stand out.
  • Supplementary Contacts – Who should the brand reach out to besides the main contact listed? This is ideal for partners who cover multiple territories. Many partners have specific points of contact depending on your brand vertical, partnership provider or other criteria. In advance of the holiday season, ensure contact details are up to date and have not only your contact info (phone and email), but also a secondary point of contact for each. In the event of an emergency or issue, you don’t want brands to be left contacting an individual that may be out of the office or busy.


AS: Is there anything else a partner can do to stand out?


IE: I always recommend partners reach out to brands when they apply for campaigns, using the contact details a brand has provided. At this point partners can introduce themselves, share a media kit, and understand the opportunities available.


Brands that have supplied contact details have done so for a reason, so feel free to reach out and personalize your approach. Plenty of other partners may apply to join a campaign, but taking the time to introduce yourself and your business will make you stand out as someone that takes the time to go the extra mile.


If you are not currently joined to Partnerize, let’s have a conversation! You can reach out to our Support team on or sign up for a partner account here.

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