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Partners, Ensure Appropriate Organic Search Rank with an Automated Tag Identifier

Oct 04, 2021

Director of Product Marketing

Recently, we made you aware of Google’s link spam update, the algorithm change that  identifies and nullifies link schemes that serve up sponsored content or posts featuring generic copy and a coupon code. This notification provided partners with guidance for including a tag identifier that ensures your content ranks appropriately–manual steps that are no longer necessary with the release of Partnerize’s automated solution.


Partners that pull the anchor tag for brands’ textlinks, coupons and banners will now have rel=”sponsored” automatically included in their tracking. By including this attribute in the anchor tags, partners’ content ranks organically by telling search engines to overlook affiliate links. Partners that curate their own links and/or leverage our browser extension for link generation must still take the steps to include the tag identifier previously recommended.


If you’re not yet joined to Partnerize, begin working with the world’s leading brands by signing up today. Partners that are currently joined to the platform and have additional questions regarding the link spam tag identifier can connect with their account team for more information.

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