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Partners, Don’t Miss Out on Making Performance Marketing a New Revenue Stream

Sep 16, 2021

Director of Product Marketing

The partnership channel affords marketers and partners alike an opportunity to create a new revenue stream to help fuel profitable growth. For our part, we support winning marketers with an end-to-end partnership platform that automates traditionally tedious tasks associated with partner management to help find and convert target audiences at scale. This industry-leading functionality attracts the world’s leading brands and gives partners access to performance-based programs across retail, travel, financial services, D2C and subscription verticals.


Perhaps knowing paid collaborations with leading brands are only a few clicks away,  hesitancy to leverage the partnership channel may still exist for many partners. Here, we’re bringing clarity to the misinformation and clearing up the most common misconceptions that may deter partners from creating a new revenue stream with the partner channel including:  

  • The partner channel pays on the last click. While legacy affiliate providers are stuck in a last-click model, Partnerize enables marketers to reward partners for the value they provide to a transaction rather than their position in the clickstream. As a result, partners are more equitably rewarded, and mutually beneficial relationships can be easily fostered.
  • Standard commission rates are too low. The Partnerize platform enables dynamic commissioning that rewards partners for conversion attributes rather than a standard rate. Dynamic commissioning allows for a tiered reward structure with increased commission payouts based on conversion attributions like revenue threshold, larger basket sizes, promoting specific products, and more—functionality that ensures partners are fairly commissioned for their contribution to results.
  • Tracking links are difficult to implement. Pulling tracking links in legacy platforms can be a cumbersome process. Partnerize’s Quicklink is a browser extension that enables partners to easily generate tracking links for specific products, both short and long, and easily transfer them into content to begin earning commission.
  • Finding the right brands to work with is too manual. Partnerize’s automated functionality makes traditionally manual tasks easy. With Brand Discovery, partners can leverage precision search functionality to easily uncover the best possible brand partnerships. Simultaneously, brands have access to partner discovery functionality that enables them to easily find right-fit partners using relevant partnership data to ensure that the most effective partnerships are activated—automation that supports higher lifetime value.


Overall, partners have limitless optimization and compensation potential on the Partnerize platform, a fact that underscores how Partnerize continues to grow our partner base and expand options for varied compensation types combined with the increases in revenue and spend in various partner categories. In totality, this clearly indicates that the category is in a growth mode, and now is the time to begin leveraging the channel as a new revenue stream. For more information on how to make partnership a new revenue stream, get in touch at contact@partnerize.com.

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