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Partnerize x Envolve Integration Partnership

Nov 08, 2023

Director of Product Marketing

As consumers become savvier, nearly 81% of those surveyed cited conducting online research before ultimately making their purchase. In tandem, amidst the rising cost of customer acquisition, brands are faced with the challenge of incenting consumers to complete their purchase–a task that often requires personalized strategy, costly customer service support and a level of personalization that creates a sense of urgency for the consumer. 


Partnerize continues to support brands facing consumer conversion challenges with the latest addition to our integrated partner ecosystem, Envolve–technology that deploys an on-site virtual shopping assistant providing consumers with 24/7 personalized product recommendations and support. By leveraging our rapid-deploy integration with Envolve, Partnerize brands can quickly and easily launch AI-powered support to consumers visiting their site, converting nearly 20% of consumers that engage with on-site chats.


Learn more about the integrated partnership in our quick guide. Or, get in touch to learn more about how Partnerize supports marketers in strengthening conversion rates at

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