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Partnerize TEI Study by Forrester Reveals 330% ROI

Aug 13, 2020

Director of Marketing Strategy & Operations

We recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to assess the ROI, benefits, and payback period for a brand to switch from a network to Partnerize. The study reveals that enterprise brands switching to Partnerize from a legacy affiliate network experience 330% ROI and investment payback in less than three months.

To create The Total Economic Impact™ of Partnerize, Forrester conducted in-depth interviews with four Partnerize customers in North America, EMEA, and APAC. The study outlines how Partnerize drove significant revenue growth, improved efficiency, and additional benefits for a composite organization based on the interviewed customers.

  Key findings of the study include:

  • Payback in <3 months
  • $11.3M in total benefits
  • $5.9M in incremental affiliate program growth
  • Reduction in excess commissions expense of 18% to 22%
  • More content partners, direct partner relationships, and transparent data and insights 
Prior Customer State

Before switching to Partnerize, most of the interviewed customers shared that they were using an override-based affiliate marketing network with growth limited by the need for manual program management. They switched to Partnerize from networks to take control of their programs, improve transparency, and apply data-driven insights to improve performance.

Investment Benefits

The study concluded companies switching to Partnerize capture total benefits of $11.3 million, and net benefits of $8.7 million, including accelerated program growth, greater commissioning efficiency, improved accounting productivity, and avoided legacy network fees. The ROI analysis calculated the incremental affiliate program growth driven by the Partnerize investment at $5.9M, or 52%, of the total benefits. 

Unquantified Benefits

The study also found a variety of significant but unquantifiable benefits from switching to Partnerize. Key among them is the opportunity to have direct, collaborative relationships with major partners when using Partnerize. Said one of the interviewed brand leaders:

“The network has a basic understanding of what you do and how you work, but it doesn’t have the same level of detail or the same passion that you have for your business. It makes such a difference having direct relationships with the affiliates.”

 As the study also pointed out, Partnerize offers a wide range of partnership types in its ecosystem, including affiliates, influencers, loyalty, referral, brand, and content partners. According to another interviewed Partnerize client,

“The type of partner that we work with has expanded because we’ve got more budget now, and it’s enabled us to open up a whole new world. Partnerize helped in the sense that they have a partnerships manager that has recommended partners that we now work with more closely.”

Additional benefits include transparent data and insights, cost predictability, and more stable margins created by the SaaS model, and the Partnerize customer success team serving as a strategic resource and enabler.

Download the complete “The Total Economic Impact™ of Partnerize” study here.  To learn more about the benefits of the Partnerize platform, schedule a demo today.

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