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Partnerize NCL Joins Rough Runner Northeast

Jul 31, 2018

Head of Finance Operations

At Partnerize we like to create a positive “work hard play hard” culture. Our robust platform is great evidence of the former. And a fine example of the latter was our recent participation in Rough Runner Northeast, a fantastic sports and recreation event held annually in multiple locations around Britain.


In all, 28 members of our team (pictured above) participated in this fun and challenging event that combines a running race with hilarious but oh-so-challenging obstacles. Participants chose from 5K, 10K, or 15K race lengths, and throughout the courses came up against unique challenges like:

  • The Travelator, a massive conveyor belt on a hill that challenges the runner to reach the trop all while conveying them downwards.
  • Big Balls, a sort of oversized ball pit that contestants must traverse. The twist is the spheres are the size of medicine balls.
  • The Revolution, a tightrope walk through foam turbines.

To see some of these obstacles, visit the Rough Runner site. Or take a look at the vid below:



Rough Runner is a great example of our company philosophy of work hard/play hard. An endurance race interspersed with activities one suspects may … just may … have been conceived after a few Newcastle Brown Ales. At the very least, it would appear that the creators have extensive experience playing some classic video games. There are certainly some moments when we felt like Mario and Luigi might be just around the next bend.

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