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Partnerize Has Acquired BrandVerity

Apr 30, 2020

CMO, RevLifter

Despite these uncertain times, Partnerize continues to focus on investing to ensure that the platform you rely on is constantly improving and delivering the best possible results. As part of that ongoing effort, we are pleased to announce that Partnerize has acquired BrandVerity, a leading SaaS provider of search monitoring and brand compliance solutions. The addition of BrandVerity’s capabilities to our solution is an important step toward fulfilling our company vision of making it simple for leading brands to realize the full business potential of partnerships.

Brand safety and compliance have long been critical concerns for leading brands as marketing organizations work to ensure that all their programs deliver great customer experiences. With most brands getting 20-30% of their impressions through partnership channels such as influencer marketing, loyalty programs, referrals, affiliates, and brand alliances, the highly distributed nature of programs underscores the need for brand compliance and protection monitoring. 

BrandVerity’s proprietary technology will be incorporated into the Partnerize platform, enabling brands to facilitate more effective partnerships and ensure strong brand protection and compliance. With these new capabilities, Partnerize clients will be able to automatically monitor partner and affiliate online marketing programs to protect against harmful brand violations and regulatory risks. The BrandVerity solutions suite includes: 

  • Paid Search Monitoring: Detecting trademark violations and providing easy-to-use remediation tools to help brands protect their trademarks and ensure compliance from search partners.
  • Web Compliance: Ensuring full regulatory compliance as well as accurate delivery of brand messages and offers across partners. 

Some of our clients already use BrandVerity for monitoring and compliance needs, and we expect more will add these capabilities as BrandVerity’s offerings become part of our unified platform. Partnerize clients will be able to automatically monitor partner and affiliate online marketing programs to protect against harmful brand violations and regulatory risks. BrandVerity solutions will also continue to be available as standalone offerings. 

“Integrating BrandVerity into our platform is a game-changer for partnership marketing, and an important step toward realizing our company vision of powering better partnerships for every brand,” said Mal Cowley, co-founder and CEO of Partnerize. “The majority of leading brands now drive a large share of their revenue and customer experiences through partnerships, and BrandVerity’s state-of-the-art monitoring and compliance solutions will vastly improve both the quality and effectiveness of these partnerships.”

“By joining Partnerize in their mission to help brands grow customer relationships and revenue through the partnerships channel, we have the opportunity to serve a massive and growing business need,” said David Naffziger, CEO of BrandVerity. “Performance-based relationships drive the digital marketing category, whether in the form of paid search, digital media, or the many types of performance partnerships brands use to go to market. Transparency and robust brand protection create a win-win-win for brands, partners, and consumers and I am thrilled to join forces with Mal and the rest of the Partnerize team on this exciting journey”

Welcome to the Partnerize family, BrandVerity! 

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