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Partnerize Grows EMEA Retail Revenue 50%

Sep 05, 2019

CMO, RevLifter

We are very proud to report that we have grown our Retail sector revenue by 50% in EMEA over the past 12 months. Twenty-one new retail campaign wins, combined with continued revenue growth for existing clients, contributed to this strong record of growth.

Retail is a massive and fast-growing category for partnership. And retailers have been among the first companies to deeply adopt a data-driven approach to the space, which bodes well for a tech platform like ours. Among the brands new to Partnerize are many of the region’s most prestigious apparel and beauty brands, including: 

•    Leading beauty and skincare brand Charlotte Tilbury
•    Iconic clothing brands Levi’s and Dockers
•    Online clothing retailer MandM Direct
•    UK apparel and homeware retailer Matalan

With our suite of partnership automation innovations and AI-powered growth tools, Partnerize is helping companies take control of their partnerships and drive faster growth.  Our recently introduced Intelligent Partner Discovery tool, which uses proprietary AI and machine learning to identify the “best next” partnerships for brands, is the latest example of how Partnerize is applying breakthrough intelligence to the partnerships industry. 

Intelligent partner discovery partnerize

“The key to successful retailing today is in having the deepest possible understanding of consumers and categories,” said Sean Sewell, Cofounder and  VP of Revenue-EMEA for Partnerize. “We are proud to be working closely with many of the brightest stars of retailing as they transform how their companies use partnerships to go to market.”

To ensure that all of its new and existing clients receive outstanding service and support, we have added a number of new partner marketing experts to our development, support, and customer success teams in EMEA and other regions.

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