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Partnerize Expands Integrated Technology Ecosystem with Mobile Commerce Leader, Button

Jul 27, 2021

Following a period of accelerated mobile growth and rising consumer engagement amid the pandemic, new partnership operationalizes profitable growth for marketers

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2021 / — Partnerize, the global leader in partnership automation, software and services, today announced an integrated partnership with Button. Button is a mobile-first technology provider, delivering mobile optimization technology that helps marketers increase conversion rates and profitability of paid channels, while enabling marketers to achieve new outcomes such as driving app installs or launching an SMS marketing strategy. Partnerize welcomes Button as the latest addition to its integrated technology solution ecosystem, taking an additional step towards a more open, integrated stack minimizing resource tax on marketers and better enabling channel attribution measurement.

“Given what we are seeing in the marketplace, with mobile revenue share and order value both on the rise, among other key indicators, our timely integration with Button creates opportunity for marketers to operate more strategically across mobile-specific partnerships and experiences,” said Partnerize CEO Matt Gilbert. “And, they now can do so with Button’s optimization of mobile performance, enabling our partners to more effectively increase lifetime value from their partnerships instead of purely focusing on short-term acquisition.”

According to eMarketer, the pandemic accelerated behavioral shifts among users, including increased video streaming, gaming, and mobile shopping. In addition, eMarketer notes that it has accelerated innovation, with advertisers exploring new platforms, and publishers creating new products to address shifting behavioral patterns. This year, they report,  the average US adult will spend an average of 25 additional minutes on apps year over year (YoY). 

“The pandemic has spurred an increase in digital spend, and the privacy changes driven by the browsers have increased marketer costs. So, the Button and Partnerize partnership comes at the perfect time to help marketers navigate the post-pandemic world. Button’s mobile optimization software increases marketers’ ROAS on all digital channels, and with Partnerize, the performance partnerships channel will now see these benefits ” said Button CEO Michael Jaconi. “This partnership enables Partnerize brands to easily create a mobile-optimized experience across their partnerships to drive profitability, lifetime value and drive more app users. All of this makes the partnership a home run for both companies and all of our joint customers.”

The companies have co-produced a practical guide for their clients and the industry at large, Partnerize and Button Present: Must-Read Mobile Trends and Insights,” available at Key findings from within the Partnerize ecosystem, for the time period Q2 2020-Q2 2021, further illuminate the value of the new partnership. Overall, mobile revenue not only contributed greatly to the total revenue on the platform, but also experienced year-over-year growth.


  • Revenue Share: +3%
  • Average Order Value: +14% 
  • Variable Commission Rate: +20%

When comparing mWeb and in-app transactions, data points to customers preferring the in-app shopping experience:

  • 3x higher conversion rate in-app vs. mWeb
  • 69% of transactions across the Button marketplace occur in-app 
  • 50% of consumers that made purchases in-app made a second purchase within 30 days.

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