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Partnerize comments on the failure of Silicon Valley Bank

Mar 11, 2023

To all Partnerize Brands, Partners, and Agencies,

Given the headlines pertaining to the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, we wanted to take a moment to assure all of our ecosystem that Partnerize has no direct exposure to the situation. We do not have a banking relationship with SVB.

To the extent any of you are exposed in your own businesses and may require support from Partnerize, please reach out to your primary Partnerize contact. We will be holding any payments that historically would have been directed to accounts held by SVB until account holders confirm new deposit information. As always, we will do our best to assist you should you be dealing with business disruption.

This is a difficult time for many businesses and their employees and our thoughts are with everyone as they navigate the uncertainty. For partners and vendors seeking to update account information for accounts receivable please email

Matt Gilbert

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