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Partnerize Clients and Chrome 81: We’ve Got You Covered

Jan 30, 2020

Head of Deployment

lock-finger2As you may know, Google has been gradually changing the way that Chrome handles mixed content on secure (HTTPS) pages. In this context, mixed content refers to  non-secure (HTTP) tags, pixels, etc., that are incorporated into HTTPS pages. 

In February 2020, Chrome update 81 will automatically block non-secure (HTTP) resources on secure (HTTPS) pages. This is all part of the company’s effort to improve overall security online, and to encourage the industry to use HTTPS universally. A few of our clients and partners have asked us if this change will affect their programs.

What Does This Update Mean For Partnerize Clients?

Partnerize clients can rest assured that all resources (e.g. tags, pixels, partner links) delivered by Partnerize on your behalf are delivered in HTTPS. Therefore, the upcoming Google 81 change won’t affect your programs. 

If you have additional questions, please speak with your Customer Success lead.

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