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Our AI Capabilities In the News

Sep 29, 2017

CMO, RevLifter

Post as September 29, 2017

Today on Forbes, Murray Newlands wrote published a great interview and post about our AI offerings, and how AI capabilities represent the next phase for our industry. Newlands conducts an extensive interview of our Cofounder and CEO Mal Cowley.Note that the article uses our legacy trading name of Performance Horizon.

Here’s a brief excerpt of the piece.

One company, Performance Horizon, has built the first AI application that allows for customers to predict future performance of partnerships in the channel by automating all the manual tasks, allowing new growth, scalability and transparency. Malcolm Cowley, CEO of Performance Horizon, envisions this app as just the beginning of what AI can do to change the partner-marketing ecosystem. Cowley, along with his team, are planning to roll out more AI-enhanced capabilities very soon to help customers meet their needs at even faster speeds.

Thanks to Murray Newlands and Forbes for publishing this story. 

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