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New Partnerize Features Including Mobile UI and Single Sign-On

Jul 15, 2019

Director of Marketing Strategy & Operations

Our AI-powered Partnerize Partner Automation Platform delivers data-driven intelligence and industry-leading management tools that are essential for dramatically improving ROI from this fast-growing sales channel. Our latest feature releases are aimed at making it even easier to achieve growth, whether by partnering more smartly or managing campaigns on-the-go. Here are our latest product features to launch, and one that’s coming soon.

Intelligent Partner Discovery Enhancements
Launched in April of this year, Intelligent Partner Discovery is our AI-powered partner recommendation engine. This tool makes recommendations to brands based on the likelihood to drive the highest growth to their partnership program. Now, brands can see additional details about each potential new partner listed in the Partner Discovery UI. Metrics such as average order value, average conversion rate, and conversions by vertical will help our clients make informed decisions when inviting partners to campaigns. We use machine learning to predict which campaigns each partner is best suited for, so our clients can invite potential partners with confidence that they will drive incremental value to programs.

Single Sign-On
We’ve made it easier for our users to log in to the Partnerize platform with a new standardized login page that includes Single Sign-On using your Google G-Suite credentials! We will be adding support for additional identity providers besides Google in the near future. 

Mobile User Interface
Users can now login to the Partnerize UI on-the-go using the web browser on their mobile phone. We’ve optimized key pages, such as dashboards, to make monitoring campaign performance easy. Partners can also access their tracking links using the mobile UI.

Partner Specific Terms and Conditions (Coming Soon)
We know that engaging in a brand-to-brand partnership, especially one with bespoke terms, it can be challenging. To address this, we have built a new feature that enables brands to create and assign specific terms and conditions for an individual partner. Those partners will then be able to accept or reject those unique terms before being approved for a  campaign. We will be rolling this out in the next few weeks, more information to come.

If you are not a current Partnerize client or partner, and would like to learn more about the Partnerize Partner Automation Platform, request a demo today.

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