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New! Enhanced Partner Profiles

Nov 12, 2020

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Superior Partner Management & Data

We’re making managing your partners even more simple. As the partner marketing industry evolves to encompass all types of partnerships, it’s more important than ever to get your partnership programs right. Recruiting a partner who is not a fit, missing the mark on an opportunity, optimizing existing relationships, and spending time managing partners can all come at a cost. Now, our new Partner Profiles diminishes that cost and enables you to intimately know that a specific partner’s audience is aligned with your strategy, while streamlining relationship management at the same time.

New Partner Profiles display more sophisticated website traffic statistics. Comprehensive website audience metrics for each partner are imported into the Partnerize dashboard, giving you the ability to make more informed decisions when evaluating new or existing partners. Traffic rank, user behavior, audience interests and demographics are displayed in the Partner Profile to give you insight into the type of visitor that the partner might drive to your site.

Additionally, our updated Manage Partners delivers an improved UI, saving you time and effort when recruiting and managing partners. With uniformed sections for all partners, whether they be potential or approved, individual Partner Profiles give you visibility on partner status and commission across your campaigns. 

This is a significant time saving and management improvement for marketers with multiple campaigns looking to maximize direct relationships with their partners. Now, viewing a partner’s participation and commission rates across your program takes only a few clicks.  

Key Tools in Partner Profiles:

  • Partner Management – Be in control of all your partners within one interface.
  • Consistency – Utilize a new uniformed Partner Profile UI.
  • Partner Participation – See a partner’s status, manage requests or send invites.
  • Commission View – View a partner’s commissions across every campaign.
  • Smart Recruitment – Gain more insight into specific partners before you recruit. This includes:
    1. Traffic – Access traffic data for existing and potential partners, including global traffic rank and country specific breakdowns
    2. Behavior Understand the relationship between the website and its users, including pages per visit and average visit duration
    3. Demographics – Age and gender makeup of the partner’s website
    4. Interests.View what other sites users are visiting and which topics they are interested in.

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