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New Byline on Using Partnerships to Drive Subscription Sales

Jul 17, 2018

CMO, RevLifter

Partnerships subscription services

Our friends at Martech Advisor just published the first byline from our company since the rebranding of Performance Horizon to Partnerize! Entitled, Digital Subscription Services Are Hot: Here’s How Partner Marketing Can Make Them Hotter, This article, by Partnerize VP of Operations Charlie Calabrese, explains four ways that great brands are using partnerships in new and interesting ways. Here’s an excerpt to give you a taste of what you can find:

Subscription businesses are among the most sophisticated users of customer data. Their businesses depend on understanding the motivations and behaviors of each user and adapting accordingly. Years ago, partnership marketers often took a minimalist approach when it came to collecting data. They tracked clicks and purchases, and that was about it.

But all that has changed as new tools make it possible to get real-time access to all events in the consumer journey. This plus the availability of APIs to port data into business intelligence and other platforms have radically increased the contribution that partner marketing can make on brand insights as well as revenue. Further, predictive modeling is helping to bring better forecasting and cost certainty to businesses that need every tool they can get to drive profitable growth as quickly as possible.

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