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New Byline: How Partner Marketing Will Change in Southeast Asia in 2019

Jan 03, 2019

Director of Marketing Strategy & Operations

Partnerize APAC Marketing Director Sarah Kelly just published a byline in Branding In Asia, entitled How Partner Marketing Will Change in Southeast Asia in 2019With the remarkable rise of eCommerce in Southeast Asia, brands are turning to partner marketing as an efficient and cost-effective way to drive customer acquisition and repeat purchases. This post shines a light on the biggest trends to watch for partner marketing in this region this year.

Here are the first two trends Sarah covers in the piece:

How Partner Marketing Will Change in Southeast Asia in 2019

Senior execs will focus even more corporate attention on the channel

In some parts of the world, partner and affiliate have been viewed largely as niche tactics rather than core marketing strategies. But in the SEA region, which faces the heady growth demands that come from VC funding, every senior brand leader worth their salt will demand outstanding results from partnerships. That’s incredibly exciting for affiliate and partner experts because it guarantees a seat at the table and strong resource commitments. It also increases the pressure to deliver. Every single day.

SEA will lead in adoption of mobile partner measurement

To say that Southeast Asia is a heavily mobile-driven region is the biggest of understatements, and brands will need to understand and track partner sales journeys that include mobile. The historically popular third-party-pixel-based tracking methodology simply cannot meet the needs of this region.

For brands, complete mobile measurement must accommodate activity that occurs both on the mobile web and in apps. On Android and iOS, cookies cannot accommodate complete mobile measurement, especially on iOS. While the rest of the world slowly wakes up to mobile measurement challenges in the wake of ITP2, Southeast Asia has long recognized the need for more comprehensive mobile measurement, and adoption should come at a very fast clip, especially in the first half of the year.


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