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New Byline: $15 Billion Up for Grabs – Australian Retailers are Missing Out on the Tourist Market

May 27, 2019

Jo Zhang, Partnerize Client Services Executive in APAC, has published an article about the massive tourist opportunity for retailers in Australia. The byline, published in MarketingMag, explores how retailers can capitalize on the 9.27 million tourists visiting Australia annually and spending $15 billion while there. 

Marketers must reach out to travelers before they’re even airborne, explains Jo. Here is an excerpt from Jo’s article: 

In 2018, 9.27 million overseas residents arrived in Australia for a short-term stay. This is a number that’s grown steadily over the past five years – the leading countries from which visitors to Australia come from include New Zealand, China, the US, Britain, Japan and Singapore, according to Budget Direct. While these people will purchase accommodation, food and beverage, attraction tickets and other ‘holiday’ expenses, many will also be spending a significant chunk of their time – and money – on Australian retail. In fact, tourists are expected to spend more than $15 billion with non-food retailers during their visits, according to Deloitte.

So how can marketers better capitalise on that spend and target overseas visitors? Here are some simple strategies to ensure you get your share.

Make a pre-emptive strike

When you’re marketing to tourists, it’s often valuable to start early, even before they board the plane. While most travelers probably won’t visit your retail website before they come, they are likely to visit travel planning and other online properties to help them plan a better visit. Working with publishers in your target tourists’ home countries enables you to get in front of those customers through a brand they recognize and trust.

Each of the countries that account for the largest numbers of visitors to Australia has at least one major site that attracts travelers in advance of their holiday. This presents a strong opportunity to get in front of these customers before they take their trip. There are a variety of ways to garner a presence on such sites, from standard CPM advertising programs to CPA partnership agreements. The key is to leverage targeting and/or incentives to ensure you reach the right people with your message.

get social

Social media platforms have become extremely popular sources of travel ideas, recommendations and other information. Many such platforms offer ways to deliver messages while users plan their holidays. Further, most major markets have popular social influencers who will work with brands to provide high-quality information and offers to their followers.


Read the rest of the article in MarketingMag.

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