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It’s Time to Audit Your Approach to Partnership Data

Mar 29, 2021

APAC Marketing Director

By the end of 2021, it’s expected that we’ll have created, captured, copied and consumed more than 74 zettabytes of data. For perspective, back in only 2018, that number was less than half of that. For today’s marketer, data is a regular part of life. We all manage data. We see it every day. But those who use it to its fullest potential, are the ones who see success. And that approach is certainly one that’s important when you’re working in partnership or affiliate marketing.

The biggest hurdle, however, can be understanding where to start. That’s where Partnerize comes in! We pride ourselves on the way we empower our customers and partners to use data to fuel more sophisticated commissioning, improve reporting and analysis, and enable optimization on-the-fly. We wanted to support marketers to achieve more with their partnership data. We created a handy affiliate checklist to help you audit your program and discover areas you can improve for growth.


This checklist covers five key areas where you can audit your existing approach to data, to ensure you have the strongest approach possible. We’ve included a wide variety of areas for you to review including:

  • The data parameters you’re passing through
  • The ways your data fuels commissioning
  • How your data powers your partner’s performance
  • The opportunity for reporting
  • Predicting future performance

If you’re a marketer, who’s ready to accelerate partnership growth, the first step should always be to understand what your data looks like and how you can make it work better for you. Once you’ve used the checklist to audit your program, you’ll then find an additional section on data parameters, where we’ve provided a variety of options and strategies, depending on your vertical.

Data is something we all have access to, but the modern marketer is using that data to make their lives easier and  ultimately drive better results. If you’d like to learn more about evaluating your data and how you can better utilize it to grow revenue, download the Partnership Data Audit Checklist today!


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