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IPMA Q&A: Partnerize on Winning Best Performance Marketing Technology

Jun 28, 2019

Director of Marketing Strategy & Operations

Partnerize Co-founder and VP Revenue Sean Sewell was recently interviewed by PerformanceIn as part of their IPMA Takeover Week. The interview was focused on what it meant to win the Best Performance Marketing Technology award at the 2018 International Performance Marketing Awards, and what’s changed at Partnerize in the year since winning the honor.

Here is an excerpt from Sean’s interview:


Tell us about winning an International Performance Marketing Award.

Sean Sewell: When our company was recognized for the 2018/19 Performance Marketing Technology of the Year, there was a buzz across our offices that is really hard to describe. For our team, it was recognition of the tremendous work that had been done to transform our offering and develop industry-leading features that were recognized as game-changers. The IPMAs represent some of the most important recognition in our industry, and our wins reinforce our commitment to being the best.

Where does the value lie in winning Best Performance Marketing Technology?

SS: I think it’s three-fold. First, it helps galvanize the team because it shows that every individual’s hard work has helped us achieve something unique and very special. Second, it raises the bar for every team member to continue to deliver outstanding work that helps our clients get better results day after day. And third, it gave dozens of companies a reason to consider switching to Partnerize because we offer something better. We can say we’re the best all we want, but there is just no substitute for industry validation.

Has anything changed for your company since winning the award?

SS: Our win was the result of a remarkable year of product development and team commitment. I think it has also made everyone anxious to do even better so we can win again. The competition in this industry is quite fierce, and winning takes that sort of extraordinary commitment. Our people are achieving more than ever.


Read the rest of the interview in PerformanceIn.


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