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Introducing Partnerize’s Future-Proofed Tracking Hub, Preparing for a Cookieless Future

Jan 20, 2023

Director of Product Marketing

Driving profitable growth in partner programs hinges on the ability to make data-driven decisions–strategy developed from accurate, actionable insights. In order to let data guide your decisioning, performance marketing programs require tracking infrastructure that is resistant to inconsistencies caused by evolving browser changes from Apple’s Safari, Chrome and Firefox. More specifically, tracking that does not rely on third-party cookies. 


Recently, 51% of surveyed US senior marketers revealed that third-party cookies are an important part of their strategy, comprising a majority of the data leveraged by their business. While third-party cookies were once a tried and true method of partner channel tracking, ITP and subsequent browser updates eliminate reliability of this tracking method and create significant risk for persistent, accurate tracking for partnership optimizations–inconsistencies that inhibit accurate data, data-based optimizations, equitable partner rewards and mutually beneficial partnerships. 


Since 2017, Partnerize has taken steps to educate marketers on the risks associated with deprecation of the third-party cookie and provided steps to ensure future-proofed partner channel tracking despite ongoing changes. As a part of our commitment to creating awareness around this macro-level challenge, we’ve created Preparing for a Cookieless Future, a resource hub that keeps marketers in-the-know when it comes to evolving browser changes. Visit the hub for an overview of browser changes, more information on the urgency to take action when it comes to consistent tracking infrastructure and the solutions developed by Partnerize to support profitable growth.


Learn more about how Partnerize supports marketers with persistent, accurate tracking by getting in touch at contact@partnerize.com.

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