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Introducing Advanced Mobile Capabilities For Partner Marketing

Mar 21, 2019

Director of Marketing Strategy & Operations

The mobile commerce opportunity for the partnerships channel is undeniable. This year, mobile is predicted to represent almost two-thirds of global e-commerce. But many leading brands do not fully measure mobile app conversions today. By fully capturing both mobile web and in-app sales driven by partnerships, billions of dollars of additional revenue can be correctly attributed to the partners that drove the sales.

With this opportunity in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of our advanced mobile SDK, which provides out-of-the-box support for native app partnerships. This mobile SDK enables brands to capture in-app referrals and record sales that occur within mobile apps, bridging the gap between desktop and mobile activity. 

Partnerize customers are now able to ensure that partnership referrals can be tracked across all customer journeys, including web to app, app to web, and app to app including product deep linking. In addition, app-specific device reporting enables easy segmentation of conversions within the Partnerize real-time reporting toolset.

Key features of the iOS SDK include:

  • Click storing & matching: Incoming clicks from Partnerize tracking links can be detected and stored for use when a sale is made in-app.
  • SKU-level conversion support: SKU-level data can be passed through the SDK, enabling a true multi-item basket checkout process.
  • Real time reporting: Any item-level custom metadata for items in a sale can be attached to a conversion item and seen in real time.
  • Product deep linking: Link directly to a product or category page in-app, with support for app installation invitation.
  • Tracking link compatibility: Existing partner tracking links are fully compatible and require zero migration efforts for partners.

Our clients are telling us that they expect to see significant growth in conversions of between 20% to 40% using native app partnerships and then tracking them through Partnerize.

Stay tuned for more news on our innovative mobile capabilities and additional productized integrations with mobile measurement providers!

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