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Intelligent Partner Discovery Has Arrived

Apr 11, 2019

Director of Marketing Strategy & Operations

We are pleased to announce the launch of Intelligent Partner Discovery, a new Partnerize feature that employs machine learning to curate partner recommendations that will improve revenue growth for our brand and agency customers. Our proprietary, AI-based partner recommendation engine scientifically matches brands with the partners with the greatest likelihood of delivering strong revenue and profitability.

Intelligent Partner Discovery solves a problem that has existed since the birth of the partner marketing industry. Early on, there was a drive for quantity over quality to reach scale. With the advent of AI and data science, the industry is evolving. Rather than merely generating a huge uncurated list of potential partners, our tool uses machine learning discern the smartest choices for each brand and prioritizes options accordingly.

 Partnerize’s algorithmic partner recommendations for brands are based on:

  • Historical partnership revenue by vertical
  • Target audience and contextual fit
  • Propensity to drive sales for each brand and campaign
  • Similarities to a brand’s most successful current partners

Partnerize makes it easy for brands to easily review curated partner and campaign recommendations, search and filter available partners, and invite potential new partners with just a few clicks.

Intelligent Partner Discovery

Similarly, partners are able to quickly and easily see what campaigns and programs they are invited to, and are able to chose which invitations to accept.

This tool represents giant leap forward in our platform’s ability to help brands build more meaningful partnerships. Furthermore, the platform continuously evaluates our growing ecosystem to identify a brand’s best next partners.

Effective immediately, current Partnerize clients have the option to leverage Intelligent Partner Discovery. If you’re not a current client or partner and would like to learn more, schedule a demo today!

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