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Influencer Marketing Tactics That Drive Sales Growth

Mar 19, 2023

Director of Content

Influencer marketing’s outcome-based pricing model enables brands to easily expand into new markets as well as increase exposure in existing markets at a cost they can control. One of the best ways to expand reach is to curate a diversified makeup of influencers that share similar target audiences and brand values. The newest and most exciting partner category to bring this to the table is influencers. Managing influencers with a performance mindset, however, is often easier said than done. Here are 13 ways that Partnerize makes it simple.

Explore a limitless ecosystem of prospective influencers.

With Partnerize, your access to influencers is limitless. With Discovery’s Prospects, you can find and recruit any influencer, on any social platform, even if they’re not currently set up in Partnerize. Alongside this, you can utilize Partner ( Discovery to access existing influencers already set up in the platform. Otherwise, you can go where your influencers are by integrating with influencer networks like Zine and Sideqik. Whatever your approach, the sky’s the limit.

Gain insight into total reach.

Evaluate prospective influencer partners by social platform, audience size and reach and even search for influencers linking to similar brands-search functionality that enables you to easily find right-fit influencers for your brand.

Invite influencers directly to a campaign.

Your next influencer is only a few clicks away. Partnerize simplifies the influencer onboarding experience for both you and your prospective partners. To discover influencers, simply login, select your search criteria, and invite your chosen influencer to your campaigns.

Launch a collaboration using integrated email functionality.

The Partnerize platform enables you to email prospective influencer partners, using integrated email functionality, to recruit them for your campaigns. Reach out to targeted influencers to share what you’re looking for from the influencer as well as learn more about what they can offer, including styled posts, product reviews, social media posts, giveaways, and more.

Once you’ve aligned on partnership expectations, the sign-up process then takes minutes!

Set up and execute a hybrid payment model.

Whether it’s CPA-only, a fixed fee or a mixture of both, you can set your payment structures up quickly in the platform. Whatever your approach, you can pay all of your influencers through one simple invoice – we’ll do the hard work for you.

They’ll even receive payment within 24 hours of Partnerize receiving the funds, which can be super important to them.

Reward influencers equitably.

If you want to focus on a CPA model, but still want to reward partners fairly, you can incorporate influencers as a touchpoint in your attribution, and then measure and reward them based on what they drove. Using split commissioning you can reward influencers for the value they bring to the buyer journey, rather than their position in the click stream.

Create short links & vanity links.

Tracking should be as smooth as possible for influencers, and when it comes to social platforms, having a short link is often best. Your influencers can login to their account and easily generate short tracking links, or specific vanity URLs, to use anywhere they’d like. Easy!

Accelerate growth with the app.

The world has gone mobile, and chances are so have your influencers. ; Don’t make them log on to a desktop to see their results. They can download the Partnerize app and quickly login on-the-go to see their results, access tracking links and review pending payments in real-time.

Share data and insights.

One of your most powerful tools is data, but that data is just as important for the influencers you partner with. On your end, you can understand the value of each influencer, which product categories and SKUs their audiences are 7 converting on and so much more. Just as importantly, your influencers can login and look at the data you’ve shared to optimize their content to drive stronger results.

Communicate with influencers.

As you scale up your influencer partners, you want to be able to easily communicate influencer-specific offers and campaigns to them en masse. The Partnerize CRM functionality allows you to send out new campaign details via email at the touch of a button and ensure your influencers are always excited about what’s next.

Power growth through AI.

As your data and results grow, so do our recommendations. Partnerize offers the only AI-powered capabilities in the industry, which can provide you with the right recommendations for your next influencer partner, based on what’s working for you right now.

Cultivate exclusive partnerships.

As partnership initiatives grow increasingly diverse, the lines between traditional PR or social team partnerships continue to blur with the partner channel. Existing influencer partners can be easily integrated into your Partnerize program and can apply to your program directly to be kept exclusive to your network-a feature that enables you to gain better insight into their performance without exposing the partner to other brands in the platform.

Develop an exclusive code.

Influencers cultivate loyal audiences that consider a recommendation from the influencer as digital word of mouth from a friend. Create an exclusive coupon code for an existing discount or an product-specific offer for the influencer, empowering them with the right offer for their audience. This can not only foster your relationship with the influencer, but also allows you to tap into their audience’s sense of loyalty.

Incorporating influencers into your partner program is a great way to scale and drive growth. But it’s important to select a technology that can support that growth, alongside a wider partnership strategy. If you’re ready to engage influencer marketing as part of your partnership program, reach out to us here today!

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