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In Today’s Partner Marketing, the Name of the Game is Real-Time Data for Faster Optimization (New Byline)

Jul 10, 2018

CMO, RevLifter

Today, Australian publisher MarketingMag published a byline from our own Stephanie Colley on the ascendance of real-time data as a critical element of the best partner marketing programs. In the piece, she explains how important timely insight is to driving best possible results in the affiliate segment of partnership as well as in the other key sectors of partnership, like influencer marketing and brand-to-brand alliances. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite. 

Traditionally, partner marketing measurement followed a delayed reporting model. Marketers got reports for the current period during the next period. Sometimes this happened weekly. Sometimes, brands got by on monthly affiliate network reporting.

That sufficed when brands were primarily interested in a set-it-and-forget approach. But as marketers manage partnerships more aggressively, they need real-time access to trends and results so they can identify, analyse and optimise on the fly. If a market change is significantly affecting results, brands can’t afford to wait a week to find out about it. If a tagging error means that no new consumer actions are being reported, brand leaders need to take action immediately. To manage all of this real-time measurement, more companies are relying on machine learning and AI to automatically surface data anomalies that warrant attention. These alerts help marketers focus on the most significant changes in their data.

You can check out the entire piece here

Note: this piece was published before Performance Horizon rebranded as Partnerize. To learn more about Partnerize, visit our website or get in touch today!

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