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How to Make Your Brand a Connected Platform

Nov 29, 2017

CMO, RevLifter

It’s all about partnerships. Today Forbes published a byline from our CMO that outlines how brands can use partnerships to transform themselves into connected platforms that are part of the fabric of consumer lives. 

Here’s an excerpt to help you connect with the perspective in the piece:

Old-school branding was about telling. New school is about showing and proving. So how do we evolve our thinking — how do we move from telling to proving — in effective and efficient ways? Maybe the answer is in thinking of a brand not as a discrete set of attributes and meanings but rather as a connected entity that builds its relevance by associating with related and appealing things. Thinking like a connected platform rather than a self-defined box.

Connected platforms are all the rage these days. Many digital brands are actually connected platforms rather than self-contained products. They have achieved market dominance in part because they opened themselves to others. 

Thousands of companies now make products and services that build onto these digital platforms and add tremendous business value. Such companies offer a set of products but also a platform on which others build products and businesses. And in part because of this amazing connected ecosystem, many such brands now hold places in the world’s top 100 most valuable brands.

You can read the entire piece here.

Note, since the publication of this piece, we’ve changed the name of our company to Partnerize. Visit our homepage for more information.


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