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How Partnerize Empowers Marketers to Maximize the Benefits of Their Influencer Campaigns

Oct 13, 2021

Product Marketing Manager

As influencer campaigns become an integral part of brands’ marketing strategies, with 75% of them intending to dedicate a budget to influencer marketing in 2021, enabling marketers to get the most out of their influencer relationships is of great importance.  


The easiest way to make the most of your campaigns is to recruit right-fit partners to promote your content, a traditionally cumbersome undertaking automated by the platform’s integrated recruitment and activation functionality. 


Discover right-fit influencer partnerships


Partnerize delivers the software necessary to maximize the benefits of influencers as a part of marketers’ diversified partner programs through an end-to-end partner management platform beginning with Discover, the Partnerize platform’s recruitment and activation engine. Discover gives you the opportunity to view and recruit from an extensive list of partners that are already working with Partnerize, and what’s more, you can easily filter the list to find right-fit partners to invite to join your campaigns. Looking to recruit influencers in retail fashion operating in Australia? Discover’s powerful filtering options let you do all that, and will even recommend best-fit partners for you, based on your needs and their profiles.


Once you’ve chosen influencers you want to work with, Discover’s built-in communications tool will easily enable you to send customized emails to individual influencers to curate collaborations, and build an influencer group to nurture influencer partnerships in the platform’s integrated CRM.


Limitless Partner Recruitment 


If you’re wanting to expand your reach even further, Prospects gives you the opportunity to recruit influencers from a limitless digital ecosystem of prospective partners, way beyond the fixed partner base relied on by legacy affiliate networks. These are partners that are not necessarily already working with Partnerize, but present you with the opportunity to promote your brand using their extensive social media reach.


Using Prospects’ precision filtering capabilities, you can easily find and recruit right-fit influencers based on your needs. You can search based on audience, filtering by social media platform and number of followers or likes, the main country they operate in (down to individual US states, if you want that kind of detail!), or just search on keywords to focus in on the exact audience demographic you’re looking for.  You can even check if influencers are already linking to particular sites, be that yours or somebody else’s. With Prospects, you can truly find the best influencers to promote your campaigns to the ideal audience.


Reach Prospective Partners: Recruit by Email

You may be already working with influencers in other areas of your marketing strategy, or have influencers in mind that you want to work with, but that are not already on Partnerize. By utilizing the Recruit by Email functionality, and simply supplying a list of email addresses, you can easily bulk email influencers to join your Partnerize campaigns, using Discover’s powerful email creation and distribution tool.


Expand Your Opportunities: Integrated Partnerships

Partnerize is fully integrated across the technology ecosystem, including plug-and-play partnerships with the industry’s leading influencer networks. Partnerize also offers integrations with influencer marketing platforms, allowing you to access a wider ecosystem of influencers, and easily invite them to join your Partnerize campaigns.


For Example…


ZINE + Partnerize

ZINE is one of the largest Influencer marketing platforms for brands, agencies and influencers. If you work with ZINE already, or are planning to, then the good news is  you can directly integrate your Partnerize and ZINE accounts, allowing you to discover and recruit influencers from ZINE’s global network to promote your products. Conversely, influencers will also be able to search for your program in ZINE. You can negotiate and agree to a deal with influencers in the platform they are most comfortable in, and once a deal is agreed, influencers can access a Partnerize tracking link right in the ZINE platform. This will provide both engagement and conversion reporting for your influencer efforts.


Sideqik + Partnerize

Partnerize is also fully integrated with Sideqik, a leading influencer discovery, engagement and analysis platform. Marketers on Partnerize can tap into Sideqik’s 20 million influencer profiles, and invite them to both their Partnerize and Sideqik programs in one place. This makes it easy for the influencer to join, as they have only one application to complete to join both programs.


Learn the Ropes: On-Demand Resources & Dedicated Experts

With Partnerize, influencer recruitment is just the start of their relationship with both you and us. We understand that for many influencers, the world of affiliate will be new to them, and so we want to do all we can to help them to get the most out of the relationship. Our in-platform Resource Center provides extensive assistance in the use of the platform via Knowledge Base articles on all areas and functionality of the platform, as well as self-guided tours to assist influencers in setting up and using their accounts. Our dedicated partner support team can provide on-demand demos, as well as acting as a first point of contact for any questions or assistance requirements that influencers may need.  



To learn more about how Partnerize can help you maximize the benefits of your  influencer campaigns, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or get in touch at

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