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How BA Took Its Affiliate Marketing & Meta Search Partners Sky High

Aug 04, 2016

British Airways PlaneImage Courtesy of British Airways

Client Success Story

For many global airline brands, online marketing strategy and execution is pivital to growth, and affiliate marketing and meta search partners represent an important part of online acquisition spend.

The Challenge:

Many airlines work with multiple affiliate networks spanning different regions and countries. As affiliate and meta search programs grow, they also become more complex and fragmented which makes it difficult to manage and understand performance across each region/network.

British Airways sought to leverage the wide level of granular data they were capturing through their affiliate channel and incorporate this into their overall channel strategy. Using Performance Horizon’s technology platform enabled BA to aggregate five affiliate networks in over 20 countries and execute a strategy that focused and delivered efficiecies and growth targets globally.

Working with Performance Horizon has enabled British Airways to:

  • Increase bookings by 71 percent

  • Increase meta data reporting and commission parameters from 4 to 20 variables

  • Implement route-based commissions

  • Spot and identify real-time trends
  • Group meta partner and affiliate analysis

“Working with Performance Horizon has given us the flexibility to effectively monitor our global performance and the opportunity to expand the level at which we can market our products. The platform is now becoming an important lever in ensuring the affiliate channel can be used to support overall business and commercial requirements for British Airways.” – George Gray, Global Head of Online Partnerships  BA – Acquisition

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